Get Out of Your Head & Start Connecting With Yourself

Woo chil’! It’s taken me some time to learn the valuable lesson of getting out of my damn head. My goal with this post is to help you get there a little or a lot faster than it took me.

I used to live in my HEAD. I still find myself hanging out in there from time to time. I had a PhD in overthinking and a Masters in storytelling. It’s one of the reasons I loathed multiple choice questions in school. ? To a certain extent, I could overthink every answer until they a
ll fit the bill.

I’ve told this story in my Daily Mindset Mastery course, but I used to get to work 40 minutes to an hour early because I was all up in my head over thinking!! Omg, I would create stories about being late for work because I got into an accident or there was traffic or I had car issues. I would then go into all the things that would/could/might happen because I was late for work.

I would create these elaborate scenarios in my head that had no basis in actual fact. I would get myself so worked up I would feel sick.

Instead of tackling the over thinking I would leave for work unnecessarily early

All of this because I was living in my head.


Click the image and bring this eye opening tool into your world

Was there any evidence to back up my stories? NO!

Had I ever had an accident on the way to work? NO

Had I ever had any car issues? Not really. A flat tire ONCE. Ps I survived.

Had I ever seen a coworker get reprimanded for being late? NOOOOOO

So, how did I break free of my mind and start connecting with myself?

The first step…

acknowledging that I can’t predict the future.

Yeah… I know… that’s basic af. However, that’s the truth. I can’t predict the future. You can’t predict the future (but I mean if you can I would like to set up an appt. Email me.) The future will unfold exactly as it’s supposed to.

Overthinking does not have the power to impact the future. Action does.

From there, I would start tuning into my breath. I would take 20 slow, deep breaths. Counting slowly in my mind, feeling each breath deeply
. This is how I went from hanging out in my head to getting cozy in my body. FYI: Your body wants your love and attention. She gets jealous of all the time you spend with your brain.

Once I  finished counting, I would ask myself, “How would I like this situation to unfold?” With the beautiful sense of calm I had created I would LISTEN. Listen to the first answer that creeps up because thats YOU not your fears, insecurities or worries. I would ask myself a series of questions.

Can I make that answer happen?

Yes? Then do that.

No? Do what you can and chill.

Not sure what to do? Get back to breathing.

Sometimes there’s nothing you can do.

Sometimes your brain is talking so loudly you can’t hear YOURSELF.

When in doubt, breath it out.

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